Reading from dataset in formula


Need help in making the from_dataset() formula work. The “stores4” dataset is:
A01,Acura MDX
A02,Audi A3
A03,BMW 2
A04,Chevrolet Camaro
A05,Dodge Challenger
A06,Honda Civic
A07,Infiniti Q50

and my formula is: from_dataset(“stores4”, “skill”, techno: techno) but I can’t get any value.


Are you receiving any errors or just not getting any values?

Here is a schema I created and I also created a dataset per your post. This returns values just fine.

Here is the dataset I created-

@rich.bateman, thanks for your help. Strangely, I don’t get any values when I am logged in to my account

, but if I use the public link I get the following err:
Error evaluating from_dataset(“stores4”, “skill”, “{“techno”:“A01”}”): undefined method `lists’ for nil:NilClass

Unfortunately, I get same blank/err when checking your link.

Looks like this is a recent bug. It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting it here!

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Thanks @mockaroo, any update on the issue? The from_dataset function is still returning blank values.