Reading from dataset in formula


Need help in making the from_dataset() formula work. The “stores4” dataset is:
A01,Acura MDX
A02,Audi A3
A03,BMW 2
A04,Chevrolet Camaro
A05,Dodge Challenger
A06,Honda Civic
A07,Infiniti Q50

and my formula is: from_dataset(“stores4”, “skill”, techno: techno) but I can’t get any value.


Are you receiving any errors or just not getting any values?

Here is a schema I created and I also created a dataset per your post. This returns values just fine.

Here is the dataset I created-

@rich.bateman, thanks for your help. Strangely, I don’t get any values when I am logged in to my account

, but if I use the public link I get the following err:
Error evaluating from_dataset(“stores4”, “skill”, “{“techno”:“A01”}”): undefined method `lists’ for nil:NilClass

Unfortunately, I get same blank/err when checking your link.

Looks like this is a recent bug. It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting it here!

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Thanks @mockaroo, any update on the issue? The from_dataset function is still returning blank values.

Was this issue/bug resolved somehow? I am getting the same error and facing the same situation as @empolink

Found a workaround, it appears that from_dataset(), and presumably other Ruby functions, need to be written in the formula field one line input, it does not work if the Ruby code is written in the multiline Formula editor. So it needs to look like this:

I was having this issue about a month ago where uploaded data sets were returning blank values for certain columns even though data was there

Even i am facing same issue and is this resolved?