From_dataset issue


We have been using Mockaroo for a few months now and we have created a set of reference data in Mockaroo that is then reused in multiple schemas to replicate consistent primary and foreign keys, as well as surname, initials etc where we have multiple data feeds that need consistency.

Today unfortunately we encountered an error whereby the ‘from_dataset’ formulas are not pulling the data through into the schema, it is basically retuning NULL values and there is some slowness in the API calls which then gave us an error message. {“error”: “Your handler script took too long to execute. The handler script must execute in under 30 seconds”}.

We believe this error is a symptom of the ‘from_dataset’ formula not working. You can see from the screenshots below that the formula is constructed properly and it worked previously but now the data is not being looked up. Any suggestions or anyone experienced this issue before?

Thank you


Please see similar ongoing topic below. @mockaroo has responded, although the issue still persists.

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