All values null with simple from_dataset()

I’m new to from_dataset() and have been having issues getting it to work. Other examples I found in the forum seem to be broken, too. I finally just prototyped the most barebones example and it is returning all null values. Here are the schemas. There is a dataset generated for schema1 but it won’t let me put in a third link:


The links provided are to your private schema. If you look at the bottom left when viewing a schema you will see a “Public URL:” that can be shared with us. If you will send those links I can take a look.

Gotcha. Thanks @rich.bateman. Here are the public URLs. It seems like both public URLs are the same though and only open up schema2 (I quadruple checked!):

Check out this post: Formula: from_dataset is not working

I explain a little about the from_dataset() function.

Thanks @rich.bateman , but the issue doesn’t appear to be related to double quotes.

I am having this same issue. It appears that only null will return and this function is broken.
@mockaroo Do you have any input to this?