Formula: from_dataset is not working

I am using the following code for the field formula.
But I am getting no value.
I tried to find a solution but did not get one of them

from_dataset(‘falle_status’, ‘Id’, Anonym: ‘Anonym’)

Also this type is not helping:
from_dataset(“falle_status”, ‘Id’, ‘Anonym’: ‘Anonym’)

Any idea?


The key to from_dataset() is ensuring to enclose any field that starts with a capital letter with double-quotes.

Function syntax: from_dataset("dataset", "column", join_criteria)

Sample schema formula:

from_dataset(“3261_dealerName_dataset”, “DealerName”, “LookupKey”:dealer_random)

My dataset is: 3261_dealerName_dataset
The field in the dataset I want returned: "DealerName". (Capital letter so it is enclosed with double-quotes)
Join criteria: "LookupKey"(field in dataset that matches a value in schema) = dealer_random(in schema)

Sample schema: