Updates to mockaroo-node Package


Our dev team avidly uses the mockaroo-node package; however, due to its outdated dependencies and subsequent vulnerabilities (namely with axios) as reported by our project’s Snyk integration, we have to apply overrides for these outdated dependencies in our project’s package.json.

We also have run into an issue where installing this package can result in a core-js/shim issue, which I see was raised as an issue on the package’s Github Page, but with no movement.

Ideally, it would be best if we could get these deps updated and remove this unused core-js package, so I have raised a PR to do this, and I would appreciate some visibility.

I had committed to this repo previously, when I raised a PR to support the array parameter here, but this one is much bigger due to the outdated packages and required syntactic changes. I’d be happy to walk through this or answer any questions about the changes I’ve made.

I also added a linter to help keep code clean as other contributors step forward.


cc: @mockaroo

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@mockaroo Hi Mark, would you mind checking this PR again? I’ve made the requested changes. Thank you!