Types not available & creating enum values


This is a two part question.

  1. Sometimes there is no appropriate type to select when creating the schema - is there a general selection or what is the best solution for this?

  2. I am using postgres and therefore enum data types. In some instances I want to import just a selection of options that the data can generate. For instance
    Title - Mr, Ms, Mrs (mockaroo is generating honourable, doctor etc)
    BookingStatus - pending, confirmed, cancelled


I would use the ‘Custom List’ option in answer to both your questions (unless you are wanting a numeric value, in which case choose Number, or Date/Time chose ‘Datetime’.

With ‘Custom List’ you specify your enum values in a comma-separated list, which would be more suitable than the standard ‘Title’ type if you only want your list of titles, e.g. Mr Ms Mrs.

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If this is something that will be used in multiple schemas, or if the list of allowable values is quite long, also consider uploading a single-column dataset (sometimes known as a List) and reference that in the Type field.

From the Dataset upload page (Mockaroo - New Dataset):

Mockaroo supports two types of data files:


If your dataset is a simple list of values, specify each value on a separate line. Do not include a header row.