Streaming data feature request

I attended the Mockaroo / Tonic webinar. It was a great event and well worth my time. Durning this event the topic of streaming data came up (I was one of the people that asked). I often have to generate mock data for MQTT examples. I’m using a tool that I found on the web to help me but Mockaroo would be so much better. Here is a link to the tool I’m using now. It is just a Python script the generates MQTT calls. I’m very happy I found it and thankful for the code, but it is limited.

I’ve actually used Mockaroo to help me generate much larger config files for this tool so I can create more realistic demos.

I would love to be able to create streaming data from Mockaroo and have all the powerful tools in this product to make the example much more realistic.

Thank you and sorry for the delay. I’m just getting around to this now. Is the idea that a user would be able to configure Mockaroo to push messages to a MQTT endpoint?

If that’s the case, I could envision this working in two ways:

1.) By adding a new “Stream To…” option at the bottom of the page when creating a schema. When clicked, the user would enter the host and credential information and then Mockaroo would stream the specified number of records to that endpoint.

2.) When creating a Mock API, the user could specify an endpoint to which data should be streamed. Then you would start the stream by calling the API.

What do you think?

I’ve released the first iteration of this. When creating a schema, you can now go to More => Stream to MQTT Endpoint…. I’m new to the MQTT/IoT space so I’d love if people could share their feedback and offer additional suggestions here.


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I love the streaming feature. I have some feedback:

  • Can a random time spacing option be added (send a message with a random delay between messages)
  • Can I implement a third-party stream service option? I would like to contribute the code via PR or other means.

Zombie post warning…This streaming function is great, but a few things would make it the greatest:

  1. Trickle function - one after the other continuously up to # of messages. Could set for 100 messages over 1 minute etc.
  2. Variable topics - would be great to be able to test more than one topic in a dataset. Perhaps allow the configuration of a schema column as a Topic name?