Should blanks all be in same row?

My schema has several fields set to 1% blanks, intending to test how an app deals with records that have one or another field blank. I generated 1000 rows and all the blanks occurred in the same records. That is, all the blanks for field 1 occurred in the same records as all the blanks for field 2 as all the blanks for field 3, etc. See screenshots of schema for reference.

Is there a way to avoid this?


And, here’s a screenshot of the preview for reference.

same problem I’m facing. Is there any update on this thread?
Did anyone got any alternative for this issue?

Thank you for reporting this. This is now fixed.

Thanks for resurfacing this issue. It seems like your status inquiry got the attention of someone who could fix the bug.

Thanks for fixing. Following is a confirmation screenshot showing expected results in case that’s helpful for anyone encountering this thread to reference.

This went unaddressed for a year after I initially reported it. Then, when another user happened to ask about it, it was fixed the next day. Is there a more efficient or reliable way to log bugs than threads like this?