Selecting a random number of rows from a dataset for use in an array of another dataset

I have a dataset I created of contacts and I’m working on creating a dataset of customers.

In the app I am building, customers can have multiple contacts.

I know we are able to select columns from another dataset and do something like the following to achieve an array. However, this only allows for one item in the object, rather than a few. Also, by doing it this way, in my opinion it negates the purpose of creating separate schemas.

So does anyone have a way of being able to simply select X rows from a dataset to create an array of X items? To me, this seems like something that would be a default option… Am I expecting too much?

In practice, this is what I would like to end up with.

contacts = [
    0: {
      "firstName" : "John"
    "firstName" : "Jimmy"
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Hello @user42 - were you able to resolve this? If so, how?
I have a similar way of creating a list of Users Ids as in

and I don’t any values in array elements… meaning while there are differing number of elements in the resultant members field, they all have null values.
Appreciate any help.