Seemingly unanswered question here, why a 5000 row limit on api calls?

I have found a number of posts having the same problem but it has gone unanswered, it seems. When using API to get a dataset from a schema, there seems to be a 5000 row limit. Anything above that throws a code 500. I imagine this is so a request doesn’t go off the rails. However, a schema may be copying a dataset column that has more than 5000 unique values that the rest of the data is being synthesized around. The plan I am using is Gold, but others on the forum have reported the issue with the Silver plan as well. Is this limit not something that can be overcome?

If you need to generate more than 5000 records, you can add ?background=true to the URL. It will kick off a background job that uses multiple threads to generate data in parallel. This will allow you to get the full limit of your plan.

See Mockaroo - Random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool | JSON / CSV / SQL / Excel

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Excellent, it worked great. Thank you!