Saving a URL to the Schema - Does Not Complete the Save Process

I have a Field that stores a specific URL and no matter what type I use the schema does not complete the save and the Save Changes button is always active. I never see the Changes Saved pop-up. I suspect it is something to do with escape characters e.g. // in the URL, so I tried the formula concat to make each escape type character in a single set of quotes but that did not work either. I am tring to generate a JSON document.

I have used the following:
Type Options
Character Sequence
Formula concat(“https”,":","/","/", “”,"/",“WAI”,"/",“ER”,"/",“tests”,"/",“xhtml”,"/",“testfiles”,"/",“resources”,"/",“pdf”,"/",“dummy.pdf”)

If I change this field back to BLANK then the schema saves.

Managed to get it to save using the formula type:
this = “

Looks like this was due to a combination of the max length for that field being pretty short (50 characters) and a bug in displaying the validation message. I’ve upped the size to 200 characters and fixed the validation message.

Hi there, I also need schema for my napolea plant website. How to create a schema?