Quotes for Strings only, not for number


I am experiencing a issue while generating dataset.
When I try to generate date in CSV format, it doesn’t support for quotes features.

For this, I try to use custom format, where I enable force quotes feature
But it also quotes Integer value also.

Can you please provide solution for it.


Can you explain what you mean by this?

it doesn’t support for quotes features

In CSV, there is no difference between a string that contains only numbers (e.g “1”) and a number (e.g. 1). In other words, in CSV all values are strings, as opposed to JSON, where you have strings, numbers, and booleans as distinct datatypes.

Here is example dataset.
I wants to display id and salary without double quotes.
And rest other within double quotes.

Can you please suggest me solution for it?

Thank you

There is no way to do this in Mockaroo. It does not allow you to control the quoting of individual fields. You can only force quotes for all fields or use the default behavior, to only wrap fields in quotes when necessary (due to a field containing a delimiter).

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