Problem with referencing a specific dataset column

Hi Folks
I am having a problem with referencing a specific column in a dataset.
My schema uses the dataset type to pull a random value from this column (example… a random product reference), if i select another column (e.g. ProductName) it works fine, but this specific column just shows as empty. I have tried to reload a new dataset from a csv in case there was some sort of formatting issue but I cannot work out why this is not working.
The problematic column is a product reference for example : PRD0050001, PRD0050002, PRD0050003
Can anyone help ?.

@watersn Bottom of your schema there is a Public URL, will you provide it so we can take a look?

Hi @rich.bateman here is the link : Mockaroo - Random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool | JSON / CSV / SQL / Excel
In my PRODID column you will see the dataset trying to reference SKUREF column which returns blank, but if I select another column it populates :frowning:

In your Dataset, what is the case of SKUREF? Is there a way you could update the Column name to SkuRef?

Hi @rich.bateman
I can certainly change the case - is case sensitivity the problem here do you know ?
Cheers for the advice !

After further digging it doesn’t appear the column name in the dataset needs to be lowercase. Could you provide a sample of your dataset?

Hi @rich.bateman here is a link to the dataset

I was able to resolve the issue by updating the dataset by adding a new column, Id and use a row number as the value. I was then able to select SKUREF in the schema which finally populated.

Thanks @rich.bateman that resolved my issue ! - thanks so much !!!

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