Possiable Platform Feature

@mockaroo, I do a lot of consulting and you already have the core features to support this suggestion. I work mainly in the Microsoft tech stack, on the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. But, I also work with Mendix and OutSystems too. My entire business focus is around low code development. With that context and your platform…

Have you considered pre-built or preconfigured Schema templates > Microsoft with Dataverse is built on top of what they call the Common Data Model (CDM) Common Data Model - Common Data Model | Microsoft Docs which is an open-source project, and they have many PROVEN industries pre-baked schemas already that you could easily adopt on this platform for an immediate win. CDM’s already exist for easy Mockaroo assimilation, internal departments like Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Service, and Marketing. CDM’s also exist for these business verticals like Automotive, Banking, Medical Records, Higher Education, and Non-Profit.

If you’re not seeing where I am going, Imagine being a developer needing to flesh out a schema from which to build an idea (app / microservice) on, then having the power of sample data to make it all come to life for testing and refinement.

Today the pain lies in NEW development. Having to flesh out the schema on Mockaroo or internally then import it as a DataSet. Datasets work best when you have an existing structure and you simply want to fill that with sample data and or augment it out of production. This is todays core strength IMO / IME.

It would be outstanding to have what I will suggest as branding … “Schema Sets” aka schema templates to solve this challenge. All of these are based on something like the CDM open-source project, to launch your next great app from. I think you would get lots of new subscribers and every major Fortune 500 company globally would adopt a platform like this as a no brainier because now Mockaroo covers EVERY scenario possible from sample data for existing systems and structures, to NEW App development acceleration, QA testing, and API mock creation and testing.