Not able to get community search to work

I’m new to Mockaroo, what a great service!

Of course I’m trying to figure out how things work and the AI bot help is better than expected. However, when it couldn’t help me with a particular issue I thought I’d try the Community. It looks like maybe there’s two different ways to search in the Community, the “all categories” pull-down and the magnifying glass icon - I tried both and both reported “No results found” for text searches on articles that were listed on the first page.

So I thought I’d post and ask/report whether search is working.

Well, looks like I’ve answered my own question - it looks like search requires “a bit more” to search on. I was initially searching for “to_a” and search reports “no results found” but if I elaborate on the search just a bit and search for “function to_a” then it reports some results.