Mockaroo-python: Python library for Mockaroo APIs 🐍


For anyone who uses Python :snake: and Mockaroo :kangaroo:, I wrote a Python library to simplify interactions with Mockaroo APIs :snake: + :kangaroo:.

It lets you easily retrieve supported data types, upload datasets, remove datasets, and generate mock data with predefined schemas or custom fields.

Please check it out here and share your feedback!


Very simple to use. Saves some time. The CLI is quite useful as well.

The issue I have is if I upload a dataset using this tool, I end up with the dataset named correctly but the file ends up being named data.csv and has this extra junk in the file (see below). This example was a download of an existing dataset and re-upload using the tool.

Bug or usage issue?
Command: python -m mockaroo upload A_test A_Country-CRS046-CSCD.csv


Content-Disposition: form-data; name=β€œfile”; filename=β€œA_Country-CRS046-CSCD.csv”


I fixed the problem in the package with the solution you found.

I just released an update with the fix and some other changes.