Map one custom list to another custom list

if field(“ZONE”) == “East” then field(“East”) elseif field(“ZONE”) == “West” then field(“West”) elseif field(“ZONE”) == “North” then field(“North”) elseif field(“ZONE”) == “South” then field(“South”) elseif field(“ZONE”) == “North & East” then field(“North & East”) else field(“South & East”) end

I am trying to map "Zone " custom list to "East " custom list but this is not working.

Can you include any more information about the error you’re seeing? One thing I notice is that you need to use elsif not elseif.

Please check this and reply please

I tried but elsif is not working.
My querry is i want to add two custom list field .

To resolve the formula syntax error try the following:

if __Abc.eql? 'West' then 'yes' else 'no' end