Language not linked to Country?

While City, Postal Code, Street, Latitude, Longitude, all seem to relate to the Country, the Language appears to be completely unrelated to it? Is there a way to get realistic languages per country?


You are correct, language is not linked to country in Mockaroo.

That’s a pity…
Is there somewhere a “user voice” / “ideas suggestion” place for Mockaroo where we might request this to become a feature?
Or is there anyone that has perhaps created a formula for this?
Or could this be managed with a dataset? Is it possible to link the standard “country” field of Mockaroo to a column in a dataset containing columns Country and Language?


No doubt, language should be linked with the country. I hope Mockaroo would link languages with cities and countries. However, if it is not providing it right now then you can use this dataset to get all language and regional details.

In the same token, I also found this dataset of Wikipedia very credible when comes to regional languages.