Help with elsif statement - syntax error?

I’m trying to add a series of elsif statements to my formula, but it is coming back with a syntax error. Any ideas?

if field(“short_description”) == ‘How do I cancel?’ then ‘0270c251c3200200be647bfaa2d3aea6’
elsif field(“short_description”) == ‘I’m having an issue’ then ‘c54de838d7b122004f1e82285e61036b’ end


Presuming your “short_description” field is within the same schema as your expression and you are not trying to reference a field from a Dataset you should be able to use:

if short_description == "How do I cancel?" then "0270c251c3200200be647bfaa2d3aea6" elsif short_description == "I'm having an issue" then "c54de838d7b122004f1e82285e61036b" else end

If you can avoid it I would remove the apostrophe from your text string of “I’m having an issue” just to rule out any special character problems.

Ah, yes…it was the apostrophe in the word ‘I’m’. Thanks for the assist!! :slight_smile: