Getting multiple values on the same topic

Is there any way to not get multiple values on the same topic?
I selected the category “drug name(generic)” and I get, as expected randomly generated drug names, but there are some items that have multiple of them, for example:
Antimonium crudum, Baptisia tinctoria, Chamomilla, Fagopyrum esculentum, Glonoinum, Hypothalamus, Natrum carbonicum, Natrum muriaticum, Podophyllinum, Populus candicans, Selenium metallicum, Thyroidinum
Is there any way to prevent this? I want to limit the ammount of products to a single one per row

You can use this formula to split the value into 2 parts and return the first part.

Here is the full formula
(this.split(/ /, 2).first).tr(',', '')

This splits the value into 2 parts by a [SPACE], that is what’s in between the 2 slashes.
this.split(/ /, 2).first

This part removes the comma from the first part.
tr(',', '')

Hope this helps!

It’s not perfect but much better, thanks! Issue appears when the drug name consisst of two or more words. Can’t realy think on how to not get rid of those ones