Generate Weekly Dates only

Hi, it’s easy enough to generate date ranges with DateTime and range - great!

What I need is to generate regular but non daily consecutive date records - by week number. So generate 1 date record per week (say monday, but could be anything).

Somebody wanted to generate all dates other than Sundays and suggestion was to turn each sunday into monday, so useful but no good in this case (How to generate dates (in a data-set) excluding Sunday in each week).

Row Number handy but no good. Sequence is better as it has a handy restart (for end of year after 52), but adding a DateTime produces random dates of course, not tied to this fake “Week Number” (actually just a Sequence, so the engine wouldn’t know).

I’m not au fait with Ruby but could workout a WeekNo from Date function - help shows day(my_date_field), however still need to remove all the other 6 dates from week. Deletion is probably best method and may be possible - so is there a function/method to delete record if criteria met, ie non Mondays?

Otherwise, will have to delete afterwards in SQL from import of gen, but a drag as same dataset to be used in Excel, Python etc. Not the end of the world, but maybe there is a Mockaroo/Ruby solution!

Thanks for any pointers (and loving the new in-place AI text generators),