Feature Request: Datefield from and to could be used independently?

When specifying a datetime type, if you don’t enter the from and to dates you get
‘error: invalid date “”’
Being able to specify a date range is nice, but it would be nice if:

  1. Not specifying either from or to generated a random date with no restrictions
  2. Specifying just a from date generated a date after the from date with no other restriction
  3. Specifying just a to date generated a date before the to date with no other restriction.

I know you can use formula, but these seem like pretty common use cases that could be better supported?

I guess the question here would be what does it truly mean to have no restriction? Would a date 2 billion years in the past or future be acceptable? I don’t think there is a sensible default here, so I’ve just left it to the user.