"error":"undefined method `file_format' for nil:NilClass"

Hitting a newly created GET users.json and returned:

{“error”:“undefined method `file_format’ for nil:NilClass”}

Tried the recommended “Solved” solution of creating a really unique resource like GET /rjewuirUsers.fson but returns the same error.

I see the same issues posted and unanswered over the years, so not holding out much hope.

Can you post the link to your schema and/or Mock API?

I think this is fixed by the release I just deployed. Can you verify?

schema “Users”
generate 10

Unfortunately, still getting the same error message.

Can you post the link to your schema? I’ll have a look.

Getting same. It is a simple https://my.api.mockaroo.com/users.json?key=&min_age=10&max_age=80

I deleted all previous APIs and schemas and started fresh and works fine now:

Step 1. Define and save a schema named Users. Just use the default schema.
Step 2. Define and save an API GET users.json
schema “Users”
generate 10