Dataset upload API returning error

Trying to automate my mock data creation via terminal commands to create the directories + do the API calls to get the mock data inside those directories.

Some of the schemas are used as datasets for other schemas that are ran during this workflow so I want to upload said schema as a dataset once it’s there, i.e. the workflow is as follows:

  1. Create mock data from Schema A
  2. Upload resulting data as DatasetA
  3. Create mock data from Schema B and C which use Schema A as a dataset
  4. Prompt user for a file from file system (aka choose a file) & upload this file as new DatasetZ
  5. Create mock data from SchemaZ using DatasetA and DatasetZ

Now, the actual problem is the response I’m getting. I’m convinced I’m making some basic mistake or missing something simple, so please do correct me at what I’m doing wrong.

curl \ -X POST \ -H "X-API-Key: KEYHERE" \ -H "Content-Type: text/csv" \ -d @/Users/user/Downloads/directory/file.csv

Error that I keep receiving both in terminal and Postman:
{"error":"undefined method `name' for nil:nilClass}

If you upload the dataset then API returns the error. you can simply check your code and correct it. If you have any problems with Roadrunner Email Password then please contact Roadrunner Email Support Number for the proper solution.

You need to add the name at the end of the URL you post to. So for example, if your dataset is called “users”, post to

Dataset is upload API very easily but sometimes it gives error. you can find error in the API Code and correct it. For instant support related to Common QuickBooks Pro Errors please contact our technical expert for help related to QuickBooks.