Dataset lookup error: undefined method `lists' for nil:NilClass"

This is my schema

I’ve read this Answer and followed guidance therein, but nevertheless, the formula below returns the error -> “MobileCarrier”: “Error evaluating from_dataset(“Mobilecarrierbycountry”, “company”, “{“country”:“Portugal”}”): undefined method `lists’ for nil:NilClass”}, {"

from_dataset(“Mobilecarrierbycountry”, “company”, “country” => field(‘Country’))

Thanks for your help,

Could it be that you aren’t signed in? I looks like it’s trying to look up the dataset from your user account and failing to find a current user.

Thanks for the reply.
I was indeed signed in, but signed out and back in for good measure.
Unfortunately, no change, same error.

Anything else i should try?

Really great support there mockaroo.

I’m having this same exact problem when trying to use from_dataset()

Error evaluating from_dataset("Campaigns", "start_date", "{"campaign_id":1001}"): undefined method `lists' for nil:NilClass

This is my formula:

from_dataset(“Campaigns”,“start_date”, campaign_id: campaign_id)

I know its an old post, but for those who come here, to use the dataset formula, you must choose the formula data type and then its work, you can’t use it on the formula button at the end of every element.


It took me a while to solve this and alvaro is right, but his explanation didn’t help me, but it made sense after I found it.
So for the slowpokes like me:

  • In your schema in section ‘Type’ choose ‘Formula’ and
  • then you get an empty input field in the ‘Options’ section
  • put your code from_dataset(…) in that input field (and not in the pop-up like with other types)

    Hope this helps!