Dataset Column Is Always NULL

I am attempting to create a foreign key in one of my schemas by referencing the primary key in another schema using the Dataset Column type. No matter what I try the Dataset column is null. It doesn’t seem to matter what dataset I choose or what column within the dataset I choose. It is always returning null. Has anyone else run into this issue?

Is locationID your foreign key? If so, you will need to use the function from_dataset(). This function allows you to lookup a value in a dataset with criteria. Hope this helps.

from_dataset("dataset", "column", join_criteria) => Fetches a value from a dataset.
For example, from_dataset("People", "name", id: person_id) returns the value of the “name” column from the “People” dataset where the id column matches the person_id column in the current schema.

Having to use that from_dataset functoion would defeat the whole purpose of having the Dataset Column type. In their YouTube tutorial they do not use the from_dataset function so I don’t think that is the issue. I tried it just for grins and it is still coming up with null for the foreign key.

Ah yes, my bad. Can you share your schema’s?

Members -
Locations -

Currently the Members schema has a formula in the locationID that is just putting a random number in to work around the issue

Changing your Locations dataset field labeled locationID to locationid seems to work. If I recall @mockaroo had mentioned something on another thread about case-sensitivity.