Data not generated with double quotes when format is custom and delimiter is |

I tried to set
output format to custom
delimiter to |
quote to "

however I got the output as below

what I am expecting is

double quotes are missing for each data cell

This happens in download, preview, Generate APIs

Use the template field. I just did a quick test:




You can use any static values in template if you want certain parts hard-coded.

You’re suggesting add one more field to the schema and add all previous?

Hi @grivera - yes, sometimes if settings don’t give you exactly what you need, the template field can.

But that would leave you with a table that includes all the “malformed” fields plus all the good ones. And then you would need to manually edit it so you get rid of the bad ones

@grivera you can preface any field label with __ (two characters of underscore _ ) which makes that field hidden

didn’t know that, is there like an instructions document or something where that is written?

It didn’t work for me I had something like


field4 was the template one and I set it to


data showed as


@grivera I see what you mean - not sure what else to try off the top of my head and a bit busy at the moment to do further test. Sorry

No worries, I hope mockaroo support jumped in to the conversation

I have used delimiter in Unix, which is used to join two sentences. dell printer error 016-302 helped me to get the solution.

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