Custom distribution not working as expected despite all expressions being correctly evaluated

Hi All,

I have a custom distribution for a list, and I want certain values to show up more often or not at all depending on the date range. I noticed the custom distribution wasn’t working with the numbers being almost evenly split when I used a calculation such as this directly in the rule field(‘Payment Date’)>=date(‘6/24/2021’) So I created a new field to test if the logic was correct (attached below but the logic is correct as the field populates correctly) and then used that as the rule. I.E field(‘Payment Split’)==1. The custom distribution still does not work as expected.

With the logic in the image above Settled should show up far more often than the other value and pending shouldn’t show up at all when the payment split is 5. But the values are almost always evenly split more or less.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Logic for Payment Split (Field populates as expected)
if field(‘Payment Date’)>=date(‘6/24/2021’) then ‘1’ elsif field(‘Payment Date’)>=date(‘3/1/2021’) then ‘2’ elsif field(‘Payment Date’)>=date(‘1/1/2021’) then ‘3’ elsif field(‘Payment Date’)>=date(‘10/1/2020’) then ‘4’ else ‘5’ end