Custom Distribution bugged/not working?

“A value with “2” will occur twice as often as a value with “1”. All values are assigned a “1” when no rules are matched.”

I remember using this and simply putting 10 for one column, and 1 for another and the first column would be 10x more.

Hi aogaco,

You would need to set the rule to true.

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Ah, thats a new change, thank you so much!

I’ve now made it so that blank rules always evaluate to true to avoid similar confusion.

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Very cool, thank Mr. Mockaroo

@mockaroo - What do you have to set to True? Can you explain. New to Mockaroo

It used to be that if you wanted to write a rule that always applied, you needed to set the formula to “true”. This is no longer the case. You can just leave the rule blank.