Curious about time formatting rules

I was creating a test file that had some datetime values in it from a linked dataset and noticed that the time formatting output was irregular.

I played around with it some and discovered that if I had fields with Formulas of “now()”, followed by a DateTime field with its associated format option, the latter format would determine how the Formula field was outputted. It didn’t seem to matter the order, whatever the last DateTime format was affected all the Formula fields that didn’t have a defined format (via the strftime method) whether before or after that DateTime field.

Example schema: Mockaroo - Random Data Generator and API Mocking Tool | JSON / CSV / SQL / Excel. Note the output format of the “test” fields.

Is that intentional?

P.S. On the DateTime field topic, it would be wonderful if that field, or another DateTime type, would support a way to specify a range based on when the schema is run. Having to keep changing multiple DateRanges to get today +/- x days when I generate a data set is somewhat error prone, and forces me to use a Formula, which isn’t as nice an experience.

P.P.S Did you know that in the Sharing block of the Schema editor, the label “Only youcan access it” needs a space between “you” and “can”?

Thank you,