Creating Mock data for Firebase Auth

Anybody had any luck creating a mock user set for firebase auth?

I’m trying to create a csv file to import via firebase cli, but it is failing to decode the base64 for Password Hash and Password Salt.

Is there anyway to force strict_encoding on the base64 function within Mockaroo?

Here is my current setup:

@designspinnorwich - you’ve given your own schema address rather than the Share link which is below the download buttons.

Oh dear! Thanks for that i’ve only just joined up, I had a feeling that link would not work.

My schema has since changed and i’ve kind of diverted onto another part of my project for now. I’ll come back and update when I need to get this working again. I’m sure if anybody out there has successfully created auth users from Mockaroo they will chip in.

You need to go with the mock “Firebase. Auth” method and also set it with the current user option. Although Firebase is not enough challenging because it is an open community but you must know everything about Firebase before proceeding with this software development community. Personally, I have followed several discussions regarding Firebase before its use.

If you are still having issues then special protocols can also assist you for authentication. To sort out this problem you can also follow this Stack Overflow solution. Hopefully, now, you would able to use Firebase with Mockaroo and other databases.