Consecutive Date for each Category

Hi there,

I am trying to create a time series which shows transactions for two different product categories.

Each category (Category A and Category B) needs to have transactions for each day of the year. Something like this:

Date Category
01/01/2020 A
01/01/2020 B
02/01/2020 A
02/01/2020 B
03/01/2020 A
03/01/2020 B
04/01/2020 A
04/01/2020 B

I have read in the forum how to create consecutive dates using ‘row number’:

date(‘12/31/2020’) + days(this)

The issue is that it brings the date sequentially, but each day will only appear once, and with a random category assigned. Something like this:

date category
2022-01-01 B
2022-01-02 B
2022-01-03 A
2022-01-04 A

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance!