Can Mockaroo import JSON schema files?

While building schemas by hand in Mockaroo using the JSON schema files I already have, it occurred to me to wonder: can Mockaroo just import the JSON? Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay. Been super busy. No it can’t. It can import the header from a CSV, but not JSON. That wouldn’t be to hard of a feature to implement, though. I’ll put it on my roadmap.

The JSON Schema definition is kind of fiddly. I applaud your willingness to give it a go. :slight_smile:

Was this feature ever implemented? I would really, really like to use it! :slight_smile:


I need help to create a mockaroo schema. I have already try with no success.


field “numero_caja” just one for each file.
multiples “compras” fields

“numero_caja”: 45,
“compras”: [
“nombre”: “manzana”,
“cantidad”: 3,
“precio_unitario”: 22
“nombre”: “brocoli”,
“cantidad”: 2,
“precio_unitario”: 33
“nombre”: “aguacate”,
“cantidad”: 1,
“precio_unitario”: 5000

It appears that you can import a schema from json definition but when I try using both Firefox and Chrome, all the fields show as ‘null’ in Preview. Does not work. Any updates?

After importing the JSON schema, you need to pick field types for each field. Mockaroo can’t automatically figure out what type of data is needed for each field because its concept of a “type” is much more specific than string, number, etc…