API not working


I’m writing to report an issue that I’m experiencing with the Mockaroo API for generating data. Every time I try to specify a type for a field using the API, I get the following error message:

{“error”:“784: unexpected token at ‘type’”}

Additionally, when I don’t explicitly specify any fields, I get the following error message:

{“error”:“A JSON text must at least contain two octets!”}

I have double-checked my API key and parameters, but I continue to receive these error messages. Could anyone please look into this issue and provide me with some idea on how to proceed?

I will also attach my code below

import requests

url = "https://api.mockaroo.com/api/generate.csv"

api_key = "my key"

parms = {
        "type":"Full Name"
        "type":"Email Address"

data = requests.get(url,params = parms)