API endpoint to retrieve all items in a project

Hello! I’m building a small script to (re)generate data for a development environment. The environment is graph-based, which means by relationships are first order entities in the data layer. As such, I have schemas for entities AND relationships. The script I run locally has an array of schema NAMES from my Mockaroo Project and I use the Mockaroo API to generate data for the nodes, upload those as a dataset, then generate the edges using the IDs in the uploaded dataset to create real relationships.

This all works well, that was just background. Right now, I must list out all of the schemas by name in my local script… but what I want to do is hit a Mockaroo endpoint to retrieve all schemas from my project. As far as I can tell this endpoint does not exist, so I’m guessing this is a feature request to the Mockaroo team.

I want to be able to hit: https://api.mockaroo.com/api/project/[PROJECT NAME]?key=[MY KEY] and get back a list of all schemas, datasets, etc by name and type. Then I can automate this whole local script and all I need to do is make a new schema and poof I get new data without changing the local script.


Good suggestion! Should definitely be doable. I’ve actually been putting a lot of work into Mockaroo recently. I’m totally revamping the UI to make it faster and easier to use. That should see the light of day in January. I think I’ll include this as part of that major update, or maybe sooner. Stay tuned. I’ll post here when the feature is released.