Age in days based on birthdate in another column


I am trying to get the age of a person in days based on the DateofBirth column.

DateofBirth - DateTime - 01/01/1900 to 12/31/2020 in yyyy/mm/dd blank: 0
AgeinDays - Formula - date_diff(‘days’, date(‘DateofBirth’), date(‘2020/01/01’))

However, I get the following error for AgeinDays column:
error: no time information in “DateofBirth”

I have also tried changing part of the formula from date(‘DateofBirth’) to just (‘DateofBirth’) and get the following error:
error: can’t convert String into an exact number

I have also tried using .to_i at the end of the function with same 2nd error listed above.
It does give an output of 365 when I just put in the dates manually.:

AgeinDays - Formula - date_diff(‘days’, date(‘2019/01/01’), date(‘2020/01/01’))

Please let me know if this is possible.


Figured it out,

date_diff(‘days’, dateofBirth, date(‘2020/12/31’)).to_i

Had to change uncapitalize the first letter in DateofBirth column name and it works for days, years, etc.