Add domain alias

@Mockaroo staff
Will there be an ability to add a domain alias via DNS CNAME record(s) which then would create a sub requirement of needing to bind an SSL certificsate to the new alias so it is secure?

Can you give me some more context on your question? Are you referring to Mockaroo Enterprise?

The want or the need for one to want to obfuscate the call to the actual domain
Are you implying this only or already exists for Mockaroo Enterprise, or that you would only consider such a feature for Mockaroo Enterprise? I can see any paid version wanting to use this. More context would develop an application and rather than the app launching empty a prompt asks in the installer or in the app setting to getSampleData() and the call getting placed to Mockaroo. the developers do not need to know such URL they only need to know the internal URL resource to consume. in enterprises, it may be approvals needed to make 3rd party external calls and a CNAME can sometimes circumvent approval timelines. as I have seen software API approvals take weeks whereas Network DNS is days For me it was more curiosity in not wanting to expose the URL and a branding tactic.

Got it. I think this should only be a feature for Mockaroo Enterprise, and is something you can do today as the customer fully controls the domains on which Mockaroo Enterprise is hosted. Managing an ever-growing list of CNAMES for the entirety of the customer base is not something I’d want to do.

@mockaroo, I was not aware but this is good to know. Been telling lots of folks about the platform and it is helpful to learn the meets and bounds. I personally bought the silver to fully play with this as much as possiable.

Fully understand about not wanting to upset the balance.
thanks for clarifying.