SQL Expression interpreted as text value

Why do all of my SQL expressions just end up verbatim in generated output?

Can you be more specific? Posting the share link to a saved schema would help me understand what you’re seeing.

Hello, thank you for helping me.

Here is my schema: Products

The last field is a SQL expression. The SQL expression ends up in the output preview.

Ah, I see. The SQL Expression type is really only mean to be used with the SQL output type. It’s purpose is to inject verbatim SQL into the generated insert statements. If you’re looking to compute values based on other fields in the schema, you want to use the Formula type, which uses Ruby syntax.

I see. I haven’t used the SQL output type yet. Does the SQL Expression work differently from static text?

Also, is there a web page where I can find links to all of these help pages? I keep finding references to them in random places, and I seem to be compiling my own “Site Map”.

Thank you.

SQL Expression values aren’t wrapped in quotes, so they are executed as part of the insert statement. Think of it as SQL injection for your data loads.

Sadly, I don’t have all of the docs in one place. I’ll put up a help page with all of the links in the next few days. Thank you for the suggestion.

By the way, this is an awesome tool. Thank you.

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